femm is my current obsession because i’m still trying to figure out exactly what their deal is. they’re j-pop, but all their music is in english? not to mention a bunch of their marketing material is in both japanese and english so… yeah, the whole thing interests me greatly.

in terms of their music, pretty much all their songs so far have been really enjoyable to me, but this is probably the one i like the best so far, just because… well, you’ll figure it out.

white noise is a close second though, so check that one out too

see, even imogen heap really wants to be a robot now.

people are like

"hey samm, do you ever listen to rap?"

and i’m like

"yeah, i do."

ps. there desperately need to be more female rappers out there.

just sayin’

this is the kind of uplifting music i like to hear.

where it isn’t about having fun as an attempt to mask one’s problems

or isn’t the hollow statement of things not being as bad as they seem

but is instead about how people should be reaching out to one another to share in their struggles and conflicts.

its definately more the kind of music i’ve been writing as of late anyway.

Two pieces for Viola & Piano - I.Adagio Soave
Andrey Rubtsov

so here’s an amusing blast from the past for me. this is the piece i played when i had to do my college music department entrance performance blah de blah thing.

adagio soave by russian compsoer andrey rubtsov

note this is NOT a recording of me. that performance wasn’t recorded, but i remember really enjoying the piece because it really showcased my ability to play stylistically as well as it was something that the performance judges had never really heard before since the piece was composed by a relatively newly established composer.

the game grumps are playing katamari damacy and it reminded me how fucking great that soundtrack is.

and i don’t mean like

the same three tunes that everyone always gushes over.

this by far was always my favourite because man if you ever want to get my musical arousal all hot and bothered, contrasting rhythms and melodic mantra is the way to do it.

The Music

seriously though, have you ever listened to j-pop like capsule?

cause lemme say.

always astounding stuff.

then sometimes.

something new comes along and just wowes me.

jake bugg - lightning bolt