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Artist: Andrey Rubtsov

Song: Two pieces for Viola & Piano - I.Adagio Soave


so here’s an amusing blast from the past for me. this is the piece i played when i had to do my college music department entrance performance blah de blah thing.

adagio soave by russian compsoer andrey rubtsov

note this is NOT a recording of me. that performance wasn’t recorded, but i remember really enjoying the piece because it really showcased my ability to play stylistically as well as it was something that the performance judges had never really heard before since the piece was composed by a relatively newly established composer.

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the game grumps are playing katamari damacy and it reminded me how fucking great that soundtrack is.

and i don’t mean like

the same three tunes that everyone always gushes over.

this by far was always my favourite because man if you ever want to get my musical arousal all hot and bothered, contrasting rhythms and melodic mantra is the way to do it.

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Artist: Capsule

Song: The Music


seriously though, have you ever listened to j-pop like capsule?

cause lemme say.

always astounding stuff.

then sometimes.

something new comes along and just wowes me.

jake bugg - lightning bolt


one day, i hope to have a concert that can end with a song as electrifying as this one.


hey if you like to dislike macklemore and “same love”, consider listening to “letter from god to man” by scroobius pip.

you’ll be glad you did.

Artist: Capsule

Song: World Of Fantasy


seriously capsule is just…

this amazing duo that completely smashes through the conventions of pop music like it were made of sugar glass.

its fantastic.